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Embarking on international travels brings excitement and the anticipation of exploring new destinations. However, the complexities of travel require thorough preparation, not just in itineraries, but also in financial security and insurance. We recognise the nuanced needs of globetrotting clients, which is why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure that your travels are as seamless, secure, and as luxurious as possible.


We’re here to give you peace of mind when you travel overseas

At Nedbank Private Wealth, we are committed to providing you with premier banking services, insurance solutions and the perks that make travelling in style and comfort accessible. In short, we are all about ensuring that you can focus on your business trip or bucket list experience. We’re here to help and guide you about what you need to know and plan for ahead of your trip, and how we can make this a pleasure instead of a pain, no matter where your travels may take you or what happens enroute.


Before setting off, planning, and managing your finances is crucial

Nedbank Private Wealth simplifies this with an easy process for ordering foreign bank notes and acquiring a travel card. This service, accessible via the Nedbank Private Wealth app or Online Banking, delivers foreign currency and travel cards directly to you, ensuring that you're financially equipped for your journey. The Nedbank Travel Card is a standout feature, allowing you to load up to 8 currencies on a single card. This not only provides convenience, but also secures your money in a way that carrying cash cannot.


Comprehensive travel insurance is another cornerstone of worry-free international travel

Beyond financial preparedness, safeguarding your journey with comprehensive travel insurance is paramount. Our policies cover you and your family for emergency medical expenses, repatriation benefits up to US$2,5 million, and even leisure activities, ensuring that from the moment you leave to your safe return, you're in capable hands.


Of course, you want to enjoy comfort and travel in style without paying premium prices

  1. Our clients enjoy unlimited free access to over 1 200 airport lounges worldwide, ensuring that your travel begins in comfort and style. The luxury extends to accommodation, with guarantees on the best available rates for over 900 properties in the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection, along with perks like VIP guest status and complimentary breakfasts.

  2. Discounts on online hotel bookings, car rentals, and airport meet-and-assist services further enhance your travel experience, making luxury travel more accessible. These benefits, coupled with the collision damage waiver for car rentals and additional insurance benefits like purchase protection and extended warranty, round off a suite of services that cover every aspect of your travel needs.


Managing your money on-the-go from wherever you are

Nedbank Private Wealth's digital platforms offer convenience and control, allowing you to manage your travel card, view transactions, and even encash unused currency upon return. This digital integration ensures that your travel finances are as flexible and responsive as your adventures require.


The importance of getting advice

For a journey that's as memorable as it is secure, engaging with the expertise and globally integrated advice, which we are perfectly positioned to provide, is the first step. We will also help you to make the most of all the bells and whistles that we offer so that you can navigate the complexities of international travel with ease and confidence.

Enjoy the joy of your journey, secure in the knowledge that we are here to help you.

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