Why you need our wills drafting services

  • Protect your beneficiaries, children and other vulnerable family members

  • Ensure your assets and legacy are in safe hands

  • Rest assured you always have an up-to-date will

  • Keep your will safe with us

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Critical importance of a will

Your will specifies how you want your assets to be dealt with on your death and is the foundation of estate planning. A properly written will provides:


  • You have control – get peace of mind that your wealth will be distributed as you intended

  • Prevent family conflict – prevent further anguish during an emotional time

  • Protect your children – nominate a guardian of your minor children to ensure they are taken care off

  • Easier on your loved ones – ensure a smooth administration process, reducing delays and stress on your loved ones

  • Minimise costs and prevent cash shortfalls – professional advice helps minimise costs like estate duty and avoids a heavy tax burden or having to sell assets.

What you get


Get your will drafted

Nedbank Private Wealth offers wills drafting and safekeeping services.

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Understanding wills drafting

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