Take the paperwork out of global banking and investing

Bank and invest internationally from wherever you are on your phone

We live in a globalised world. Most of us have friends or family who live in different countries, and it's becoming increasingly common to use (and therefore have to pay) international service providers too. We also know that investing internationally is a good way to diversify, because it reduces country, currency and market-specific risk, and also offers opportunities not available locally. In the past it was hard to get a consolidated view of your global wealth and to transact and transfer money internationally to invest.

This article explains how we’ve made it easy to do 3 things: make and receive international payments, get a globally consolidated view of your wealth, and transfer money internationally to invest and bank.

We’ve made it easier and convenient for clients to bank and invest globally

As Nedbank Private Wealth, we understand how small the world has become, and as a globally integrated advisory business, we provide financial advice and solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Regardless of where you are or where your money is, one of the ways we make it easy for you to manage your money is by enabling you to send and receive it internationally online. No paper. No fuss. 

Watch our videos on how to make and receive international payments


Getting paid, from anywhere

How to receive international payments.

Making payments, to and from anywhere

How to make payments to anyone, anywhere, anytime when you're crossing broders.


Making international payments using the Nedbank Private Wealth app and Online Banking platform means you enjoy:

  • Lower transactional fees

  • Faster processing times

  • 24/7 service availability

  • No paperwork

You can read more about the benefits and features of using our app or Online Banking platform for sending and receiving money internationally.

We also offer clients a seamless and paperless service to transfer money from their current account to their Nedbank Private Wealth International Focus bank account via our app. 

This enables you to consolidate your local and international banking and investments and monitor this on your phone. You can also make international transfers easily online between your accounts with us. 

For more information or for help, please:

If you’re not a Nedbank Private Wealth client yet and would like more information, advice or help with banking and investing internationally, please complete an online contact form or call us on 0800 111 263.