Why invest with us

  • Proven strategic asset allocation framework for each client strategy

  • Successful tactical asset allocation

  • Well-considered, long-term investments in quality companies at a reasonable price

  • Market-leading investment returns in four different categories for over 10 years

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Connect to the future you want

Our expert advice aims to help you plan for a retirement that meets your lifestyle needs. We will guide you and help you manage your wealth to ensure that your money keeps working, even when you stop.

Future proof your funds

Combine local and international investments to ensure the value of your wealth.

Think long-term

Combine short-and long-term investments to make the most out of potential growth.

Know your limits

Set clear goals with your wealth manager that will determine when you are able to retire.

Protect your assets

Take advantage of our insurance and wealth structuring services to prepare for every possibility.

Retire right webinar

Hear from Springbok legend Bryan Habana as he speaks about his retirement journey.

Redefining retirement

Learn how the focus is shifting from what to do when you stop working to what to do in the next phase of life.

Our retirement offering

Retirement annuities (RAs)

Retirement annuities (RAs)

RAs are ideal if you want to save on tax and boost your long-term retirement savings. RAs are particularly beneficial if you are self-employed, are not already a member of a pension or provident fund, or if you are and you want to boost your retirement savings eg when you receive a bonus or incentive scheme.


  • Claim your contributions as tax deductions

  • Investments can grow untouched until you are ready to retire

Tax-free savings (TFIs)

Tax-free savings (TFIs)

TFIs enable you to save tax-efficiently through simple, low-cost, accessible investments.


  • Tax-free up to R36,000 per year and R500,000 over your lifetime

  • Access your money within 48 hours



Endowments offer a tax-efficient and useful estate planning solution.


  • Estate planning benefits  – nominate beneficiaries to immediately receive the proceeds or to take ownership of the endowment if you pass away. 

  • Simplified tax administration when investing in South Africa or internationally via a South African registered insurer


Tax-efficient solutions to improve your returns

We’ll help you make the most of your tax-deductible retirement contributions through retirement annuities.

View a detailed comparison of RAs VS TFIs

Expert advice to guide your retirement

Our experts will help you build a custom financial plan that combines our investment, retirement savings and estate planning solutions.

Manage your wealth from your phone

The Nedbank Private Wealth app gives you 24/7 secure access to all your wealth with us – in one place, from the convenience of your phone.

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