Book a last-minute holiday and get up to R25 000 off

The ability to travel is the ultimate treat for many, which is why we have developed a very unique service that offers our clients the best and most exclusive local and global travel deals. If you haven’t already booked a trip, you may be wondering if it is too late to escape? Where are you off to this holiday, and where to next year?


You have until 15 December to book flights and accommodation for your holiday, but you don’t have to travel right away though.

Availability is limited, but there’s something for everyone and any budget. You’ll be delighted to know that we have put together a range of exclusive high-end deals to maximise your time and help you enjoy a hassle-free escape with a range of options. Travelling is much more than a change of scenery; it's stepping into a different story at every turn. Picture strolling through unfamiliar streets, foreign languages, and marvelling at breathtaking views – that's the magic of travel, and fresh sights, sounds, and unforgettable tastes and experiences are all part of it.


What’s important to you?

We have curated a range of local and international adventures and experiences that include beaches, bucket lists, safaris, cultural experiences, wellness and everything in between.


Explore your options, book before time runs out and be rewarded for your spending.

Take a look at a world of options with our diverse range of packages from various countries here. If you find a package that captivates your interest, click on Enquire now, and our experienced consultants will call you back and help you plan your dream getaway. Your next adventure is just a click away!


As an added bonus, the more you spend with your Nedbank Private Wealth Visa Infinite Card*, the greater the rewards.

  1.  Spend R20 000–R30 000 and enjoy a R10 000 discount.

  2. Spend R30 000–R40 000 and enjoy a R15 000 discount.

  3. Spend R40 000–R50 000 for a generous R20 000 discount.

  4. Go all out and spend of R50 000 or more for an impressive R25 000 discount.


We don’t only provide great travel opportunities; we know how to make your life easy while you travel.


The Nedbank Travel Card enables you to prepay for multiple currencies with no extra swipe charges.

The Nedbank Travel Card is free, and it allows you to load up to 8 different currencies at a locked-in exchange rate, which gives you flexibility and eliminates the need to carry excessive amounts of cash. Widely accepted wherever the Mastercard logo is displayed, the Travel Card streamlines overseas spending with user-friendly features, such as allowing you to top up currencies.


Manage your Travel Card conveniently through the Nedbank Private Wealth app.

Place your Nedbank Travel Card and foreign bank notes orders through the Nedbank Private Wealth app or Online Banking and click here for more information. Or, if you prefer the personal touch, you are welcome to contact your relationship manager.

Advanced security features on the Nedbank Travel Card ensures safe and effortless transactions during international travel. With our swift and supportive client assistance, rapid solutions and guidance regardless of where in the world you are, you can enjoy a worry-free journey.

Explore new horizons with simplified and secure international banking at your fingertips.


Worried about all the admin associated with travelling?

Don’t be, we have a range of services to minimise this. Click on the links below for a bird’s-eye view of all the ways in which we can help you.

Come, reward yourself with these exclusive travel deals.

Your next adventure is waiting!

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