Diversify your wealth internationally with a Focus Account

Our international specialists in South Africa can help you diversify your wealth. Nedbank Private Wealth is an international business with offices in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Jersey and the United Arab Emirates. We also have trust businesses located in the Channel Islands. Our specialist international bankers and wealth managers based in South Africa provide globally integrated expertise with the convenience of a local presence.

Bank and invest internationally on our award-winning Focus platform

Focus gives you access to a global universe of investment opportunities and a range of international banking services on a single platform.

Benefits and features of Focus

  • Hold up to 15 currencies in your Focus Account, with banking accounts available in 3 major currencies – US dollar, euro and pound sterling.

  • Access a universe of investment opportunities with an international investment account that can house funds, shares, bonds and other listed instruments.

  • Choose between a self-directed account or managed investment portfolio.

  • Enjoy the convenience of a Platinum Visa debit card in any or all 3 major currencies. 

  • Make transfers and payments conveniently with online account access.

  • Access specialist support via the international client service team.

How to open a Focus Account

You can open an account with your private banker or wealth manager here in South Africa.

Call us on 0800 111 263, or complete an online contact form today for expert, personal advice on how we can help you diversify your wealth internationally.