Unlocking your financial potential: the world of structured lending

Imagine borrowing substantial sums of money that are tailored precisely to your unique needs, and securing a loan with non-standard assets.

This isn't just financing; it's about maximising the utility of your assets in a way that aligns perfectly with your circumstances, goals and wealth creation aspirations. It is a financial team's creative wealth-generative capability, combined with resources of Nedbank. We just need to add your personal aspirations and wealth building ideas to the mix to get on the road to mutual long-term financial success together.  

Empowering your investment journey and placing diverse strategies at your fingertips.

At Nedbank Private Wealth, our structured lending team can help you with diverse and sophisticated investment strategies that are crafted and tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are reinvesting in existing portfolios, diversifying risks strategically, or funding non-financial assets like companies or real estate, structured lending gives you a way to achieve and leverage your potential.


Versatility for your aspirations: unlocking opportunities.

Whether you want to grow your wealth without selling assets, enhance your risk diversification, or finance mergers and acquisition activities – structured lending offers a versatile toolkit to help you achieve that. With our unique experience and insights, globally integrated advice and accommodating legal structures, we can help you meet a very diverse set of needs. We have the flexibility to be creative in how best to structure a deal.


Diverse collateral, customised solutions: your portfolio, your way.

Our structured lending team recognises the diversity of your assets and tailors solutions accordingly. From single-stock positions to marketable securities, our solutions speak to the adaptability of structured lending to your unique portfolio. Our solutions align seamlessly with the assets that you've accumulated, ensuring that your financial strategies are as diverse as your portfolio.


As your partner, we support you on your financial journey.

We believe the best outcomes come from a collaborative effort with you. Our range of specialists and relationship managers are dedicated to cater for your needs, and understand your pressure points and dreams. Our teams go beyond the numbers; they analyse your portfolio intricately and match suitable collateral to your liquidity needs. For us, it's about building a compelling deal structure that aligns with your overall position, financing needs and investment goals.


Your success is our success, and we would love to see you realise your potential.

We can help you unlock a world of possibilities and ensure that every financial solution on your journey to success meets your financial aspirations.

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