Improve your trading skills with our OST platform


If you’re currently trading online, a cautious approach is wise.


If you use the Nedbank Private Wealth Online Share Trading platform, or any other online share trading (OST) platform, it would be understandable if you log on with some trepidation whenever the markets are unusually volatile. A cautious approach is wise in uncertain times, and you don’t want to make any trades without understanding all the factors in play.

However, whether or not you are trading now, you can still use our online tools to advance your understanding. Even if you don’t have a trading account with us yet, you can create a free trial account to explore all the tools we offer.


Tools that can help improve your trading skills


  • Dashboard
    This is the landing page once you have logged on to the Nedbank OST platform. It gives a summary of your portfolio value and status, as well as market and news snapshots.

  • Key market data of the day
    You can switch between a view of key market data of the day, including the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE)/Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) all-share index, currency and commodity indicators, and the top gainers and losers. You also have access to the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) feed of JSE-listed corporate announcements.


To keep an eye on shares that you are interested in, simply add them to a watchlist


  • Detailed company information
    Here you can access detailed company and share information along with market consensus recommendations. 

  • Portfolio performance
    Further down the dashboard, you can view your portfolio performance at a glance, including the top 5 gainers and losers.

  • News and research 
    You will find current SENS announcements in the news section and our latest investment recommendations on local and international shares in our research section. This section helps you stay informed on corporate activity and reports. 

  • Tracking
    To keep an eye on shares that you are interested in, simply add them to a watchlist.
    • You can add companies to as many watchlists as you like, with all the relevant data on the share and company performance available to you.
    • You can drill down from the watchlist to the share information page where you can get detailed current and historical performance and analysis data.
    • A new feature on the watchlist page is the inclusion of recent SENS announcements from companies on your watchlists.
    • You can also put price alerts on selected shares to receive notifications when these shares reach a specific price. 
  • Charting and tools
    This is one of the most powerful features of our OST platform, offering advanced tools that any trader would need. In addition to creating customised charts that show you what you need to know, it allows you to view other crucial market information such as dividend payout dates and rankings of shares by value. By clicking Help inside the chart you can access the charting tutorial.